Forum for Health Policy is a forum for dialogue. We organize workshops, seminars, round table talks and other meetings to enhance interaction and dialogue between decision makers, researchers, patient representatives, and others. Our workshops are at the heart of the business. Each event focuses on a particular topic that international and national guests (researchers and experts) highlight. The topics discussed are based on central health policy issues.

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Forum for Health Policy arranges two seminars during Almedalsveckan in Visby, Gotland. Read more about them on our Swedish webpage.


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Study trip to London 26-27 April

In the end of April a delegation from Forum for Health Policy travelled to England to meet with the well renowned think tanks Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation. The delegation also visited the nurse led practice Cuckoo Lane Practice and online doctor Babylon Health.

-We live in a country with world-leading acute medical care, we are experts in saving lives. But at the same time there are major shortcomings and challenges that we must address immediately, not least the lack of patient participation, high costs and lack of coordination between caregivers. To find new solutions to these challenges, we need to learn from good examples, in Sweden, but also abroad.
Peter Graf, chairman of Forum for Health Policy.

Read our report from the trip (introductions and summaries are in Swedish, but interviews in English).

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Successes and barriers for innovation in health care
– What can we learn from three different health care systems?

On the 7th of March Forum for Health Policy arranged an exclusive seminar about innovation in health care, arranged in collaboration with the embassies and chambers of commerce of the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Innovation in health care is necessary to successfully provide care for an increasing number of patients at lower costs and with higher quality. In Europe, each country has its own healthcare and innovation system with different characteristics, but they often face similar problems – technological, sociological, systemic and legal. 

Entrepreneurs are eager to participate and change the system, despite barriers, and many health care systems experiment with new ways of stimulating innovation. Encouraging intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and companies to test new solutions, creating an innovative culture and designing reimbursement systems that reward quality are just a few examples on how to stimulate innovation. 

In this seminar, speakers with different perspectives on the health care systems in Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland presented their thoughts and insights.

Click on the links to see filmed presentations and PDFs.

Ines Coppoolse, Ambassador of the Netherlands
Christian Schoenenberger Ambassador of Switzerland
Peter Graf, Chairman of Forum for Health Policy
Moderator: Emma Frans, PhD Medical Epidemiology, Author, Columnist
Filmed introduction Ines Coppoolse
Filmed introduction Christian Schoenenberger and Peter Graf


The Future of Healthcare
Björn Arvidsson, Head of Policy and Communications, Roche AB
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film


Involve the patients in innovation
Eskil Degsell, Chairman of the Swedish Brain Tumor Association
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film


Innovation in health care from an organisational perspective – barriers and successes
Sweden: Robert Winroth, Commissioner for Innovation and Sustainable Healthcare, County Administrative Board of Västerbotten
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film

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The Netherlands: Maaike Wijnhoud, Senior policy officer at the Ministry of Health and Core faculty of the Health Innovation School
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film

Maaike Wijnoud.01
Switzerland: Prof. Antoine Geissbühler, Director Telemedicine and Cyberhealth, Director innovation center, Geneva University Hospitals
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film


15.05-15.25 Coffee break and networking

15.25-16.10 Innovation in health care from an entrepreneurial perspective – barriers and successes
Sweden: Tomas Mora Morrison, Head of Business Innovation, Cambio Healthcare Systems
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film

Tomas MM
The Netherlands: Laurens Leurink, CEO MinDoktor
Presentation, PDF
Presentation, Film

Switzerland: Peter Ruff, CEO Exploris SA
Presentation, PDF


Panel Debate: What can we learn? How do we speed up innovation?
Filmed panel debate
Jenni Nordborg, Director Vinnova
Anders Blanck, Administrative director Lif
Maaike Wijnhoud, Ministry of Health, the Netherlands
Antoine Geissbühler, Geneva University Hospitals
Laurens Leurink, Mindoktor
Peter Ruff, Exploris
Reflections and questions from the audience.


Conclusions/Health Policy aspects on innovation
Catharina Barkman, Project Director, Forum for Health Policy

Final word
Ines Coppoolse, Ambassador of the Netherlands


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See documentation and read more about our previous events on our Swedish website.